Asseco SEE’s Enterprise Fraud Monitoring & Prevention Solution InACT® is in GarantiBank NV

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Turkey Finance Participation Bank to Receive an Award for Fraud Monitoring & Prevention with InACT®

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Asseco SEE to Provide Thought Leadership in Fraud Management

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Turkiye Finans
Danube Pay
Alternatif Bank
InACT® Anti-Fraud Solutions
Fraud Prevention

InACT® Internal Fraud Management

InACT® Internal Fraud Management solution helps companies to detect and prevent all types of  compliance breaches and transaction based misconducts attempted by employees, customers, policyholders, brokers, agencies, experts, and service stations.


InACT® External Fraud Management

Protect your customers real time at all channels from fraud attacks with multi-channel fraud prevention software. Free your organization from IT dependancy and let InACT® work for you. Know your customers behavioral patterns and apply them in antifraud strategies.


InACT® Euler

InACT® Euler technology helps making more precise decisions in fraud detection through artificial intelligent methods. Taking fraud solutions to the next level, Asseco SEE has developed InACT® Euler to stop fraud via AI-based technology which provides predictive anomaly detection.

Internal Fraud

Visual Relationship Analysis Solution

Visual Relationship Analysis solution helps financial and non-financial institutions view network among various entities. Presenting a critical layer in fraud detection, institutions can discover sophisticated fraud rings and network easily with Visual Relationship Analysis solution.

Detect and prevent occupational fraud
InACT® Internal Fraud Management
  • Detect and prevent all types of transaction-based misconducts attempted by employees, customers, policyholders, brokers, agencies, experts, and service stations
  • Identify unusual behaviors through predictive anomaly detection
  • Discover organized misconduct activities and fraud rings with financial relationship network analysis
  • Keep the history of risky transactions with case analysis and use intelligent methods to detect anomalies
Protect your customers & protect your company
InACT® Enterprise Fraud Detection & Prevention
  • Protect your customers from fraud attacks and cybercrimes in an omni-channel world at all customer channels
  • Maintain good business reputation and minimize revenue loss caused by fraud
  • Examine risky transactions with the highest risk score first through a risk- based approach
  • Keep existing customers by protecting their financials thus create brand loyalty
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