Prevent internal and external fraud

Protecting your company and customers from financial losses becomes harder as new channels are introduced, enterprises start to work 24/7 and more complex analyses are needed.

That’s why we have developed InACT® to help you overcome extreme flexibility needs, provide tighter and wider integration to your enterprise systems and rapidly integrate into the pre-existing environment.

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Covering fraud in many areas

InACT® Enterprise Fraud Management module provides to take automatic and manual actions to prevent real and near-real time fraudulent activities by entegrating with all channells such as core banking,  authorization switch,  internet banking, telephony banking, mobile banking, CRM, SMS, and e-mail. Moreover,  InACT®  helps you monitor all issuer and acquirer anti-fraud financial and non-financial transactions, and prevent anti-fraud attacks by covering multiple channels such as internet banking, mobil banking, branches, ATM, POS, and vPOS.

InACT®  Misconduct Management Module help you prevent financial fraud attacks that are againist legal regulations and company  with the red flags  from personnel, customers, and dealers.

The solution offers a flexible user experience working in coordination with other back-end and front-end applications. It can easily adapt to the existing working environment of business users through its customisable menus.

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