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Asseco SEE To Provide Thought Leadership In Fraud Management

Asseco SEE to Provide Thought Leadership in Fraud Management

The first round of the New Banking Vision conference took place in Romania on May 24th. PSD2, digital banking, contactless payment, up-to-date ATM & POS improvements & recycling technologies, security, and fraud prevention were shared with senior executives from leading companies in the sector. Taking place in Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Bulgaria, ASEE Turkey participated at the 8th New Banking Vision conference with InACT® Enterprise Fraud Detection and Prevention solution.

As a speaker at the conference, ASEE Consultant Cihat Mus provided information on PSD2 and fraud. “With the introduction of PSD2, security has reached an even more critical level. Applying all the security steps without affecting the customer experience is even more challenging for banks and payment agencies. As ASEE, we have more than 25 years of knowledge in enterprise fraud prevention in the banking and payment sectors and have prepared the InACT® solution in accordance with the PSD2 regulations.

In addition to the developments in PSD2, ASEE Consultant Cihat Muş stated that InACT® Enterprise Fraud Detection and Prevention solution have been developed with advanced technologies. Moreover, Visual Relationship Analysis can be used not only in financial institutions but also in public institutions. In addition, advanced data analysis and machine learning techniques can identify unusual behaviours and suspicious events. With all these methods, we provide companies with the ability to create added value for fraud prevention, to make better decisions about executing innovations, and to maintain their corporate reputation.”

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