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Detect anomalies with AI-based technology

Offering professional experience and customer satisfaction with its strong fraud predictions, Asseco SEE has developed InACT® Euler to detect anomalies via AI-based technology which provides complete and comprehensive solutions.

Decrease loss margins with data analytics

Advanced data analysis methods enable companies to make better decisions and realize innovations which they can create added value. Companies now make more investment in data analytics to offer better services and product portfolio.

Benefits of InACT® Euler Predictive Anomaly Detection
  • Identify extraordinary transactions by integrating the statistical analysis tools and data processing techniques
  • Perform analysis in batches within the simulation and evaluate relevant outcomes
  • Generate warning / alarms through methods offering the best result or nested forms with reason codes
  • Detect and stop fraud attempts with predictive anomaly detection methods which cannot be identified easily
  • React promptly against changing fraud trends
  • Overtake IT’s workload of anti-fraud solution’s support on scenarios
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