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Turkey Finance Participation Bank To Receive An Award For  Fraud Monitoring & Prevention With InACT®

Turkey Finance Participation Bank to Receive an Award for Fraud Monitoring & Prevention with InACT®

Istanbul- IDC Financial Services Summit awards recognized financial services companies for their innovative use of technology to drive best-in-class initiatives. At the award ceremony held in Istanbul, Turkey Finance Participation Bank received an award under the Fraud Monitoring & Prevention category. Developed by Asseco SEE, InACT® Enterprise Fraud Monitoring & Prevention software runs the infrastructure of Turkey Finance Participation Bank, which the bank received an award for.

Asseco SEE Country Leader Hatice Ayas commented “We have been working with our valued client Turkey Finance since 2014 and we are so proud that they have received an award in this category. With InACT®, we are supporting Turkey Finance for protecting its customers from multi-channel fraud attacks. With our dedicated anti-fraud team, we are going to continue our support in 2018 as well.”

About InACT®

InACT® Enterprise Fraud Management helps financial institutions to monitor and prevent real and near-real time fraudulent activities. Integrating with all channels such as core banking, authorization switch, internet banking, telephony banking, mobile banking, CRM, SMS, and e-mail, InACT® is designed to serve multi-institutions and business units within a single installation with ‘Maker- Checker’. ‘Maker-Checker’ feature enables authorized business users to approve changes and definitions made by another user in the team, such as changes in scenario definitions. The solution offers a flexible user experience working in coordination with other back-end and front-end applications. It can easily adapt to the existing working environment of business users through its customisable menus.

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