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Competitive Advantages
  • Flexible data structure
  • SQL-based script definition
  • SQL-based statistics definition
  • File upload to database
  • Web-based application, developed with Java
  • LDAP integration
  • Multi-language support for user screens
  • Multi-institution and multi-organisation support
More Features
  • Assignment of best suited alerts to team members through risk aware workload distribution
  • Capability of wide integration with back-end and front-end solutions
  • Audit proof operation with full audit logs, foureyes principle, alerts and actions history
  • Real-time, near real-time, and batch scoring/monitoring
  • Create customer, merchant, ATM, employee,  agent,  and survey profiles to identify unusual behaviours
  • Point-of-compromise feature for identifying place of fraud (CPP – common point of purchase)
  • Licensed per channel, number of accounts and modules, thus lowering TCO and increasing ROI

Multi-institution & ‘Maker Checker’

InACT® is designed to serve multi-institutions and business units within a single installation. The authorisations defined from a single point of are for institutional and organisational unit level.‘Maker-Checker’ feature enables authorised business users to approve changes and definitions made by another user in the team, such as changes in scenario definitions.

  • Cover all channels with customer/merchant-centric fraud detection
  • Monitor fraudulent activities through all transactions
  • Lower false/positive ratio for risk management without influencing customer experience
  • Prevent risk against modern scams, such as man-in-the-middle attacks/browser scams/mobile fraud
  • Create complicated scenarios using a GUI-based scenario creation wizard
  • Improve operational efficiency thanks to optimised business workflow in detecting fraud
  • Create customer/ employee profiles to identify unusual behaviours
  • Analysis fraud using geolocation, device profiling, white lists and black lists
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